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Dominican Delight

On certain days I’m wondering, “what can I make to eat that won’t require too much”. Sometimes we feel lazy and we all most definitely have the right to. There are days where we don’t want to spend money by ordering in or make a meal that’s going to require a lot of energy, that we don’t have at the moment haha. I always love myself a delicious quick meal that will do the job and fill up my tummy!

This is my quick delicious meal that I make from time to time. Get yourself some:

  1. Green Plantains

  2. Salami (Any type or brand you would prefer) They have multiple types of Salami to use.

  3. A Block of Frying Cheese (Queso De Freir) The brand I use is “TROPICAL

  4. I use my special secret sauce ❔👀❔

Slice everything up, throw it on a pan of hot oil and start frying! I usually don’t spend more than 15 minutes making. You can make a quick little plátano con salami y queso frito sandwich with whatever sauce you prefer.

Super quick and easy.

If any of my foodies would like a demonstration video on how I make them and which exact ingredient I use…

Please feel free to let me know!

Any questions are always welcome!

I don’t bite unless it’s food!

check out @eatwithemnyc on Instagram! For more foodie pics, videos and more ✨

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