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• Old Bay Seasoning

• Paprika

• Cayenne Pepper

• Parsley

• Onion Powder

• Lemon

• Butter


You’re going to add a good amount of butter into your pan so it looks a little soupy, then you put your shrimp inside it and let it simmer in there for a minute.


I boiled the potatoes for about 15 minutes since they were cut into a small cube shaped form, they didn’t need to boil any longer than that. Threw in a little sea salt in there to add some seasoning to the potatoes while it boils.


This is when you put your seasonings into the shrimp and butter mixture and start mixing everything up until you see that the shrimp is cooked.

I put my pan on medium heat and usually when you see the shrimp turn into a C like shape is when you can start to flip it to the other side and make sure that it’s fully done.


While the shrimp and potatoes are doing their thing, I cut up some platanos which are green plantains.

I threw them in the pan with some vegetable oil to fry them up to use as a side.

Usually once they turn yellow like the picture below, I will take them out, smash them a little bit to make them flat and then fry them again so they’re fully cooked after that.


Once you see that your potatoes are done boiling you are going to take your potatoes out of the boiling water and put them in the pot with the shrimp and stir it up good enough to where everything is covered in sauce.

You can add up to anything you would want, such as corn, sausage, boiled eggs whatever you think would go great with this meal.

I only had potatoes, so I improvised with what I had in my fridge.

I’ve got to say I think I came out with a pretty good meal, so stay tuned for more homemade eats, you’re not gonna wanna miss them!

Check out the visuals to this recipe here 👇🏼

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