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👻 Spooky Oreo Treat 👻

👻 jumbo marshmallows

👻 Oreo cereal

👻 butter

👻 vanilla extract

🎃 you’re going to put your pot on the stove and have a low to medium heat, you’re then going to use half a stick of butter in the pot and stir it until it gets to a brownish color

🎃 you’re going to add your marshmallows as much as you desire for this spooky treat. Then keep the heat to a low and slowly watch the marshmallows melt as you stir.

🎃 keep stirring until you get a very smooth substance and then you’ll add your vanilla extract and as it keeps smoothening up, you’re going to add your oreo cereal or whichever cereal you desire.

🎃 keep mixing the marshmallows with Oreo together once you see that everything is pretty mixed up up well

🎃 you’re going to put it in a tray and let it harden for about 15 to 20 minutes and you can cut it up into mini bars and enjoy your spooky treat!


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