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I’ve been wanting to try this spot for the longest and here I am just casually walking on Park Ave in the city not evening noticing and running into it 🤩

I’m like I definitely have to try this! This is was definitely a sign 😆. We happened to walk in around 7:40ish and it was their happy hour. They gave us 2 free delicious pastries since we bought two drinks.

The pastries were cheese poppers I believe they’re called? It was fresh soft and filled with flavor!

I got the iced latte with hazelnut syrup and oat milk, such a good drink right there man. Lou ended up getting an iced americano and he was loving that, it was super roasty.


The staff were super dope and helpful, made our first time experience in their a good one for sure! I look forward to trying their spritz next time!🔥


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