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Palisade Decision Tools Suite 5.7 23




May 2005 (written in C) Copyright 2003-2005 Palisade Technologies, Inc. The purpose of this software is to provide a flexible command line interface to other programs or C-code. That is: using the various POSIX utilities, programmers can create user interfaces to other programs or control C-code more conveniently. The current application for a highly scalable array-based storage system called "EPOP" (piron-local - palisade iron storage objects for linux) is implemented with the help of this software. Thus the functions of files system, cluster status and other status information can be reported through the command line interface. The title is a somewhat abstract as the examples shown in this document are all for Piron FS (piron-local) in the EPOP Cluster. The EPOP Cluster is based on Piron FS and has been the focal point of development since April 2003, but the code for "Palisade decision tools suite" has been written for Piron FS since 2003 as well. Manual Manual pages and descriptions for all parts of this software can be found at the documentation pages on this site. Those pages will be activated when the user presses the "manual" button on the top left corner of the ui-tool-frame. This manual has been copied from the original manual which is written for Piron FS. I put in the backround information (environment, system configuration) for Piron, the Epop Cluster and Palisade decision tools suite. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Abbreviations used in the document The following abbreviations are used in the document Why EPOP? EPOP is a scalable, array-based, distributed filesystem for Linux, like in the BSD world and in Novell's products. The repository of the EPOP software is located at while the EPOP project is located at The repository of EPOP (piron-local) has been available since 2005 and is already large. It has a lot of information in the readme.txt and is currently over 100000 lines in the source code. It seems this repository will stay this



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Palisade Decision Tools Suite 5.7 23

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