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That night in chinatown, BK.

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Cold, rainy, Monday night in Brooklyn, Chinatown area. Me and my friend had arranged plans to have Korean BBQ for dinner after work. After speaking about it so much we finally ended up getting to go. But, now, let's talk about getting there, haha. The spot isn't far from our job, roughly about an 10 minute walk depending on your walking speed. We are walking down this sketchy block of the restaurant, all wet, puddles everywhere, wind flying everything all over the place. We walk into "99 flavor Taste" where we believed the Korean bbq spot was... First thing they ask us to do is take off our shoes and gave us extremely small slippers. We both were VERY CONFUSED but did what we were told.The hostess instructed us to follow a hallway towards our left and once we walked into the room that followed that hallway, all you see is naked bodies, EVERYWHERE!!! No way! No way, this was the Korean bbq spot. We had to rush out of that little area full of surprises. That's when we realized there's TWO(2) "99 Flavor Taste". We had just coincidentally walked into the spa part of the business, whew. Now back to the food part, became a bit side tracked...This was my first time trying it out and let me say... It wasn't actually that bad! I was a bit shooketh prior to trying this out which is totally normal because you're stepping out of your usual food zone. The pricing was not bad at all, it was about twenty-eight dollars per person, which is very much worth it. Due to that its family style meals and they're not too pricey either.. They did offer to cook the food for us but my friend was already experienced in this so she handled most of it. It was definitely an interesting experience and am open to trying out more Korean BBQ spots all around. It's fun with two people, so imagine in a group?! The more the merrier. I hope you enjoyed my little food venture, the first of many and way more to come! Now stay saucy my foodie, be back soon xoxo.

99 Favor Taste

Chinese, Barbecue, Korean · $$

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